Why do you think making a four year old kid learn his letters a good idea?

Answer "Making" won't work on a 4 year old. You have to make him think it was his idea.Use alternative methods for learning: writing letters in shaving cream, making them with playdough, using paint/mar... Read More »

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Do you think contacts for a 13 year old is a good idea?

There is no minimum age for contacts. Children should be allowed to wear contacts when they have the maturity to take care of them. If your daughter wants contacts for sports, the best option are... Read More »

I have a four year trying to get her to write her name before pre k. and she just isnt interested idea?

This site is the best! We used it at the daycare, I use to work at for the kids. I used it at home also. But flash cards are also a good thing teach her stuff that starts with the letters of her na... Read More »

My husband and I are nineteen and we have a four year old son and people think we are unfit parents because we are young and can we convince these people we are good parents?

well, you are setting a bad example becaseu seeing that you are that young and parents, instead of focusing all of your time on a good college education, you have to deal with your kid, so that kid... Read More »

The after effects of strattera are making my life this a good idea?

Talk to your psychiatrist. Chances are, you were not prescribed the wrong medicine for your condition, but it might very well be the wrong medicine for you.Under side effects, RxList Reports, " Les... Read More »