Why do you think bullies pick the people they do as victims?

Answer they are probably jelous or the person is easy to get to

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I think the way you talk to child molesters on the show is textbook They need to be belittle and feel shallow just like the way they make there victims Love the show don't change a thing?

Why do many people make the mistake they think they are fat?

we see ourselves way differently than how we really appear to other people. my friend is as skinny as a pole and considers herself to be chubby. it also depends on your clothes, some stuff can make... Read More »

Do you ever think it is wrong to tell people to "try foster care" when they say they want a baby?

To say "Try foster care" to someone who wants to adopt a baby is wrong and there's no point in saying it really...If someone wants to adopt, they're not going to try foster care just because someon... Read More »

When people on LSD think they can fly?

I have never thought I could fy on LSD, I have thought that the cat was made of iron filings, that the trees out front where dancing and taking to me, that the river was a fountain for strawberry k... Read More »