Why do you think I'm lightheaded,nauseated,and my heart is racing?

Answer Have yourself checked up in ER or call an ambulance.

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Racing Heart Normal EKG?

You may have tachycardia. I have the same problem. My heart beat at rest is way over 100. I'm on metropolol tartate. You don't need to go to the emergency room if the EKG is fine but maybe seek a c... Read More »

Random heart racing Problem?

You are sitting or standing all day and when you lay down, your heart adjusts to being in a new position.When you lay down, your abdominal aorta has more pressure on it. Until the circulatory syste... Read More »

Help with racing heart?

My heart is racing PLEASE someone answer!!?

At your age the chances of it being cancer are very slim. Even if it runs in the family. So breathe deep. I assure you that all will be fine. No dr. Could or would rushe to do anything anyway bc a ... Read More »