Why do you teach children how to swim?

Answer So they have the ability to swim if they shouuld fall into water plus it is goood physical exercise for them

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How to Teach Children to Swim With Autism?

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How to Teach Someone to Swim?

Is there an adult you know who doesn't have the ability to swim? Does he/she want to swim, but can't afford lessons? If so, then you may want to teach him/her. This will probably be a hard job, esp... Read More »

How to Teach Your Dog to Swim?

Dog's are great at catching balls, and hunting. But, they are also good at swimming If trained properly. This article will show you how to teach your dog to swim.

How to Teach Swim Lessons?

When I was at college, our Physical Education lecturer taught a very nervous ex-policeman in his 40s to swim in half an hour! His method was very simple, but it worked like a charm. The privacy of ... Read More »