Why do HP Printers jam/suck so much?

Answer I worked at a retail computer store that sold HP printers and their horrible and I never recommended any of them to the customers. We had about 15 HP printers in the back that got returned due to m... Read More »

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How much does it suck?

How much does Yahoo suck?

dont diss yahoo man, its tha best!!!

Why do cingular phones suck so much?

It is not always the company but the phone itself as well. I have never used a Pantech but always told not to get although AT&T (Cingular) offers great deals on these makes. Reviewing on www.CNET... Read More »

Why does Amtrak suck so much?

I think the key points have been mentioned -1) The US "auto-culture" makes ridership / funding a problem.2) The US has a FAR greater area needing coverage. The state of California ALONE is 163,69... Read More »