Why do you stay alive?

Answer because theres little things that come up out of all the bad big things in the world that make me happy , and i like coming across those once in awhile, i could do that if i just gave up now could i?

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How often do you have to eat to stay alive?

Very little. You don't need that much food to stay alive. For a day, you're supposed to eat 3 oz of meat [chicken, beef, turkey, fish, etc...], which is a size of a deck of cards . If you eat over ... Read More »

How Do Cut Flowers Stay Alive?

When cut, flowers are separated from the rest of the plant, which gives them life. In order to keep cut flowers fresh, a homeowner must supply them with water and food, as if the flowers were still... Read More »

Can a bee sting you and then stay alive?

I heard it can give a minor sting and live, but a major sting pulls the stinger out the bee and it dies.

Would you eat a human to stay alive?

I went on a fast for two weeks without any food and lost 30 pounds. I drank a lot of water and it was no problem. After 3 days, you are not hungry and have plenty of energy. Two weeks is not bad... Read More »