How do I respond to this?

Answer Say nothing.They are not worthy of your response.Just turn your nose up at them.And wiggle your little fish behind!

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How would you respond to this?

We sent out a "form letter" explaining, this is the type of family we will have, these are our family rules (and this is why). (We actually only sent it to my parents - but we made it LOOK like we... Read More »

How would you respond?

It's up to you people can't tell you what to do!if u think he's the right guy just be carfull he might be a player but if you don't then just don't put anything x

How did the US respond to fascism?

Canal across Nicaraguapg. 602 "The American People Creating A Nation & A Society" Volume Two Since 1865

How to Respond to an Ambulance?

Because ambulances are usually dispatched to save lives, they're allowed disobey traffic laws to rush to the aid of the ill or injured victim. Unfortunately, unrelated casualties are the result of ... Read More »