Why do you put marshmallows into hot chocolate?

Answer Why do you put pickles on burgers?

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How to Make Chocolate Coated Marshmallows?

Chocolate coated marshmallows are delicious for a movie night with your family, camping, or just relaxing at home. Read this article to find out how to make them.

Why do people like Marshmallows in their Hot Chocolate?

How Do I Make Semi Sweet Chocolate Into Milk Chocolate?

MeltingMelt one bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips on the stove in the top of a double boiler over medium high heat. Stir occasionally so the chocolate does not burn. If you don't have a double boil... Read More »

Chocolate Croissant Chocolate Donut Or Chocolate Muffin Which from this list do u like better?

It's got to be chocolate muffins. I just love them. But then I love any chocolate.