Why do you put a slash through the number 7 ?

Answer A *slash* (/) or a *dash* (-)? The latter is done (as many other respondents already said), to prevent confusion between a 1 and a 7.The former is done to indicate repetition of a digit, or sequen... Read More »

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When people write a 0 (or o) with a slash through it, is it the letter o or the number zero?

Do i have to pay for sending a fax through my phone number?

It'd be the same rate as if you were voice calling that number. If it's a local number, no charge... If it's long distance or band toll call then cents per minute would appear on your bill.

What do you believe is the number one killer through out the world?

Poverty.Poverty leads to malnutrition. A malnourished person is more likely to die from any number of common infections, such as diarrhea or the flu. Severe malnutrition kills by itself without hel... Read More »

Is it possible to track any mobile number through web in pakistan ?

No, it isn't possible to directly track mobile number like PTCL (landline), because mobile companies always respect the privacy of their consumers so they are very sensitive in this regard. Though ... Read More »