Why do you or why dont you think that it is wrong to hunt/kill an animal for food?

Answer Personally I would never hunt or kill an animal for food. (If my family was starving, may have to change my mind)With other foods so available to us, I choose not to eat meat.PS) My grandchildren ... Read More »

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I dont know whats wrong with my arm!!?

I had a friend who had tendonidous located on his right forearm, doctor advise him to start writing 6\8 hours at week to reinforce his arm and recover dexterity; that's all i can explain to you, I ... Read More »

Help please i dont know whats wrong with me?

Perhaps you need more digestive enzymes from more fruit and vegetables to improve your digestion.Yogurt or other probiotics often help as well.

Really dont know whats wrong me with. help?

Um seriously why r u asking this? Go take a pregnancy test.

Can an 11 year old wear thongs cuz i dont see anything wrong with it;?

Nah you dont need to wear thongs unless there comfortable to you.