Why do you need to pull the tab off of an ink cartridge before you install it?

Answer it covers an air hole. it's basic science. air has to get ink for ink to flow out. have you ever put your finger on top of a straw still containing liquid? the liquid stays in the straw until you t... Read More »

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How to install ink cartridge?

Refer to page 111 (Maintaining the printer)

How Do I Install a New Ink Cartridge?

Remove Empty CartridgeRemove the empty cartridge. Some printers will have a latch that secures the cartridge into the printer. Move the latch and pull out the empty cartridge. Many office and compu... Read More »

How do i install an ink cartridge?

The top of HP printers lifts, like a toy box lid. Make sure the printer is on when you lift the lid. The print cartridges are to the right. They are either easily accessible, or they will move t... Read More »

How do I install a cartridge in a grease gun?

Installing the CartridgeDisconnect the air hose if the gun is a pneumatic model. Pull the tab and remove the cap from the cartridge. Thread the tube into the gun head until it is in good and tight.... Read More »