Why do you need to know left and right on in-earphones?

Answer mobile phone is more harmful bcoz the waves that comes from it can cause heart diseases,memory loss,sleep disorders etc.

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Apple earphones when the left side has come off?

If the crackling is not part of the song, yes, it is bad. It could mean that the headphones have taken water damage.

What if your iPod earphones only work on the left side why?

Make sure the headphone jack is all of the way in the slot. If it is only halfway in, then that is your problem. If that didn't fix the problem, then the earphones are broken and you may need to b... Read More »

My Samsung earphones are weird. The right side fits ok while the left side has trouble fitting in my ear. Help?

Maybe the problem is your left ear not the "earphones". Earphones is such a funny word it doesn't really make sense... the earphones are not a phone so why are they called this? They should be call... Read More »

Is there a converter to turn earphones to cell phone earphones?