Why do you need to drink water before a pelvic sonogram?

Answer A pelvic sonogram is a useful tool in diagnosing medical conditions. It also allows doctors to view and measure the development of a fetus. In most cases, doctors require you to consume water appro... Read More »

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Why do i feel the need to drink water before bed?

Your body gets dehydrated when you don't drink. Water is vital to life and when your body does not get what it needs it will tell you. By the time you are feeling thirsty, you are already dehydra... Read More »

You would like to know why you would need to have a sonogram 3 weeks before due date because the doctor thinks the baby is a little small?

Answer The doctors would be wanting to know if the baby is really as small as it seems to be. It is very difficult to tell from the outside. It may show that there is no problem, or it may be able ... Read More »

How much water to drink before a colonosopy?

The day before your colonoscopy you should drink 1 to 2 quarts of water at noon, followed by an additional 1 to 2 quarts in the evening and the same amount again at bedtime, according to the Univer... Read More »

How much water should I drink before an ultrasound?

Although amounts can vary from person to person or doctor to doctor, most offices recommend between 24 and 32 oz. of uncarbonated water. Women are advised to consume the fluid about 2 hours before ... Read More »