Why do you need to defrag your computer for?

Answer It makes programs run faster. The best way to defrag it is to disk cleanup first then defrag it.

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What steps do you follow to defrag your computer?

In XP.Click start, all programs, accessories, system tools then disk defragmenter

How often should U defrag your computer to keep it running right?

You need to defrag your computer if the hard drive starts making a lot of "clicking" noises every time it is accessed. Defragmenting once every other week with Win98/ME, once every month with Win2... Read More »

How do i defrag my computer?

How do you defrag a computer?

Defragging organizes the files on your disk so that they are in larger but fewer files, rather than fragmented all over the place.When you work on a file and save it, you computer saves it in a spa... Read More »