Why do you need rosin for an electric violin?

Answer An electric violin produces sound when a bow is drawn across its strings, causing the strings to vibrate. Like its acoustic version, the electric violin bow must be coated with a sticky rosin to in... Read More »

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How do i rosin up a violin bow?

To rosin a violin bow, hold the rosin against the bow hair and slowly draw it up and down the full length of the bow. When the bow has enough rosin, it will produce a clear, full tone when you play... Read More »

How to Use New Rosin on a New Violin Bow?

Using new rosin and a new bow isn't always the same as using all new items.

How to Remove Rosin from Violin Strings?

Is your violin making squeaking sounds? You may just have a little too much rosin on the strings. Don't worry about having to buy new stings and having to put them on your violin. This is an easy s... Read More »

History of the Electric Violin?

The physical appearance of the electric violin is similar to the acoustic violin, but the mechanisms of the instrument are quite different. The violin produces a distinctive sound in comparison to ... Read More »