Why do you need parental permission for completing observations in a nursery?

Answer The law states that children under the age of 8 must be secured in an approved child safety seat. 8 years and older just need to be secured with a seat belt. There is no specification as to front o... Read More »

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How exact should my child's nursery observations on him be?

I suggest you try a few things (first of all let me say it makes me so ANGRY when unqualified staff throw words they don't understand around....) Here's what I would do....1. Set up a face to face ... Read More »

How to Get AIM Without Parental Permission and Avoid Them Finding Out?

Parents can be a drag sometimes. They may not want you to have certain stuff because they didn't have it or they do not trust you enough to NOT talk to strangers.

Can you get married if you're 15 and pregnant without parental permission?

Can I become a blood donor at sixteen with parental permission?

Yes, but it depends on your size. If you're too small they won't take blood because it can be dangerous. A girl I went to school with lied about her weight so she could donate, and ended up passin... Read More »