Why do you need carbs in your diet?

Answer Carbohydrates are an essential part of any balanced diet. Carbohydrates supply the body with the fuel, glucose, it needs to carry out its processes. Carbohydrates also supply the body with vitami... Read More »

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Is it true that your body needs 20-30 percent of your daily calories from fats and protein and 40 percent from carbs or can you balance your diet with more carbs and protein but less fat instead?

Answer Did you know that women who dont have the right amount of fat percentage in their bodies dont get their periods. answer2 real one yes it always true. Answer You need something called omega-3... Read More »

Does the Atkins diet literally mean no carbs?

No carbs is pretty much impossible to maintain, because almost anything that isn't pure meat or fat contains some. You can read a list of accepted foods for the Atkins diet here:http://www.atkins.c... Read More »

How to Count Carbs on the Atkins Diet?

Managing carbohydrate intake is the heart of the Atkins diet plan. In addition to computing your daily carbohydrate intake, you will gradually reintroduce carbohydrates back into your diet in a spe... Read More »

How many carbs should you consume per day on the carb diet?

On One Hand: Diets Suggest Up to 30 Grams a DayThe low-carb Atkins diet recommends that dieters eat 20 grams of carbohydrates a day In the first two weeks, according to an article at Read More »