Why do you need a motor to fly?

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What is more powerful for a vacuum cleaner motor a 12 amp motor or a 110 watt motor?

A 110 watt motor is equal to a 1 amp motor... Versus a 12 amp motor, the 12 is more powerful. You've probably confused 110 watts with volts, as a 1 amp motor could not be used in a vacuum (it's too... Read More »

Do I Need to Replace My Motor Mounts?

Motor mounts need to be replaced when the rubber bushing becomes dried, hard or begins to deteriorate after supporting the weight and vibration the engine produces over time. A car's engine is susp... Read More »

I need 5 gross motor activities for pre-k?

I would suggest the Greg and Steve C.D's because they have these fun movement activities and their songs walk the kids through - all of my kids love it from preschool to 2nd grade.Do something call... Read More »

Do bicycles with a motor need insurance?

Federal law considers an electric bicycle (commonly known as an e-bike) as a bicycle, so there is no need for insurance. However, this law is only valid for a low-speed electric bicycle with a moto... Read More »