Why do you like photography?

Answer It's just my thing. I guess.I love photography. Answer : Its my hobby,so I made it my profession also... I am stock photographer and sell my photos at some stock photography site (e.g. http://came... Read More »

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Why people like photography?

Because it is fun and enjoyable and if you have a camera, why not use it, use it for photography instead of it laying around.. also you can shock yourself by taking a really good picture.

What kind of person would like photography?

Most people like photography because it is visually pleasing. Technically advanced people may enjoy the technical side of photography, while artistic and thoughtful people may enjoy the conceptual ... Read More »

What should a photography portfolio look like?

On the outside, a photography portfolio should be enclosed in a formal looking container, specially designed for the purpose of transporting art work. While on the inside, the portfolio should cont... Read More »

How does aerial photography work like on bing maps?

A company send a helicopter or plane up in the air with big camera set and take photos of the ground below as flying past. The camera is probably hooked up to a GPS which give the location data, ba... Read More »