Why do you like fashion so much?

Answer Well, that's too easy!!!! People who love fashion, love to fit in!!! If you copy fashions, that means that you don't want to be a stupid stand out dork!!!lol... if you don't follow fashion trends, ... Read More »

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Why do people like fashion so much?

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Im 13 dont have much clothes, money to buy them. but i love fashion soooooooo much!!!!!!! help me please :) ?

If you really like fashion, then you would know that it doesn't matter how many clothes you have, it's how well you can mix and match them.Get some basic pieces:-white shirt-striped shirt-floral to... Read More »

How to Act Like a Fashion Designer?

Have you ever seen a fashion designer in action and immediately fell in love? Fashion designers are some of the most talked about, dominant, highly-respected people alive. If you've always wanted t... Read More »

How to Dress Like a Fashion Model?

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