Why do you hear that crackling noise in your ears when you swallow or yawn?

Answer Those noises indicate the adjustment of the pressure inside your middle ear. The middle ear cavity is separated from the exterior by the tympanic membrane, and the only connection of the middle ear... Read More »

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Why do my ears pop everytime i yawn?

Popping is caused by pressure differences between the inside and outside of the eardrum. Air pressure in the middle ear usually is the same as the air pressure outside the body. Most people are fam... Read More »

Trying to play Skyrim from my PC on my HDTV w/ HDMI...crackling/popping noise occurs?

Hello, To fix sound problem in windows . Reinstall drivers and any software, if this does not fix it then use the links below...… Read More »

How can I stop my ears from popping when I swallow?

clean the wax out with wax remover or syringe with warm water

I have the sensation in my ears of being underwater when I chew food and swallow,should I be worried?

I had a similar problem after listening music for too long in Bangkok and taking two planes to india. My ears clogged and i partially lost my earing abilities for a few weeks.I went to a specialist... Read More »