Why do you have to stay on the bull for eight seconds in a rodeo?

Answer The eight-second rule in rodeo and bull riding is based, in large part, on concerns for animal welfare. Rodeo livestock, horses as well as bulls, are unbroke animals that require special care and a... Read More »

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Information on What to Feed a Pit Bull That Is Feeding Eight Puppies?

Taking care of eight puppies can be very stressful and difficult for a pit bull mother. When a pit bull, or a dog belonging to any other dog breed, is lactating, she needs extra calories and nutrie... Read More »

My computer will not stay powered. It only stays on for about 20 seconds then shut off.?

Does it make any beeps? The number and duration of those beeps might help you determine the problem. Check the motherboard documentation.

My dryer will not stay running. I push the start button, it runs for about 2 seconds (roaring sound) & stops.?

It may be over heating due to lint buildup in the venting system. Clean the vent as best you can from the exhaust filter with a long thin brush and vacuum attachment. After that, pull the Dryer awa... Read More »

My network disconnects me every 30 seconds and reconnects me after 5 seconds?

It might be something as simple as Skype using all the bandwidth available to that computer. Video connections can use a lot of bandwidth and depending upon how you are connecting to the router, th... Read More »