Why do you have to pee right after you poop?

Answer i usually pee in the middle of a poop...

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Why do I have to poop and fart after working out?

Gee, you are moving, and the internal organs are processing calories into energy. This is normal. Keep it up! Make sure you are hydrating constantly. 30 minutes of Zumba is far from over working... Read More »

What does it mean a clear discharge right after you have sex with your husband somethings come out or a day after you have sexis that the reason why you cant be pregnant?

The clear discharge is your normal lubrication that increases during sex because you are aroused. The semen he leaves inside of you have to come out somewhere and there's only one way out. Sperms a... Read More »

Do you really poop a lot right before going into labor?

Answer For most women, a symptom that labor is going to begin in the next few days is frequent small bowel movements, or diarrhea.

What may cause severe knifelike pain in right hemisphere of head that feels like a stroke stops after a minute or so and leaves a residual flu-like feeling and headache on right side for days after?

There is something called "ice pick migraines" which feel very much like someone has literally jammed an ice pick through your head. They last fewer than 5 minutes (mine last for less than 30 secon... Read More »