Why do you have to have an annulment for a catholic marriage?

Answer Second marriages can be a difficult issue for Catholics. Marriage is a sacrament. Going through that sacrament a second time takes more than just saying the first time didn't work out.A Marriage is... Read More »

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What is the Catholic annulment process?

The Catholic annulment process is used to prove that a marriage between two Catholics was not established in the right way. If one or both parties was incapable of agreeing to the lifelong commitme... Read More »

How long does a Catholic annulment take?

An annulment generally takes from one to three years. It depends on how complicated the case presented is and how the church considers the reasons of those seeking the annulment. A request is proce... Read More »

What is a marriage annulment?

Some couples who wish to end their marriages may be able to choose annulment rather than divorce. Divorce is used to end a legitimate marriage, while annulment is used to essentially void a marriag... Read More »

Marriage Annulment Procedures?

While both divorces and annulments end marriages, annulments actually nullify the marriage. This means that both parties typically regain single status, rather than divorced status. The annulment p... Read More »