What is the answer to seven over eighteen minus seventeen over eighteen?

Answer math homework huh? if the problem is written EXACTLY how you written it, then it is negative 10 over 18 =10 - __ 18

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Do you have to be eighteen to get an abortion in the state of Tennesse without telling your parents?

telling your parents is probably the hardest part, but their gonna find out sooner or later. just reasure them that u would take complete responsibility for the child and however getting pregnant a... Read More »

Can parents lock a bank account of an eighteen year old so they have no access?

No. Until they reach the age of majority, usually 18, they are the responsibility of the parent and the parent determines where the child lives.

If your child is taken away from you and put up for adoption do you have to wait until they are eighteen to try and contact them?

If you are eighteen and your girlfriend is seventeen and was born in another country and her aunt and uncle have adopted her can you adopt her or help her get emancipated?

until she is 18 is up to the govement and her unkel to let you adopt her but when she is 18 she as a say if she wants you to adopt her