Why do you have cramps when pregnant?

Answer There are many reasons. Here are just a few: 1) Your uterus is expanding to make room for the baby. This causes mild cramps. 2) You are experiencing a dangerous ectopic pregnancy, which means the... Read More »

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Do you still have cramps when you're pregnant?

Answer Some women do, especially around the time a period would come, 4, 8, 12 weeks. They usually stop after this and some women don't get them at all. Answer It is quite common to experience abd... Read More »

Is it normal to have cramps when you are four weeks pregnant?

Answer yes. Answer Four weeks pregnant is just about the time your period is due so you may have cramps.

Is it normal to have cramps and spotting when one month pregnant?

%REPLIES% Answer No, call your doctor right away. Answer well i had the same thing and i came out fine it will be alright Answer No,it's not normal however that does not necessarily mean that yo... Read More »

What does it mean when a woman have cramps while she pregnant?

Answer Hello there. Cramping during early pregnancy is very common hun. The cramping is caused by the developing Embryo stretching your Uterus to accomodate the expanding and devel... Read More »