Why do you have constant hiccups during pregnancy?

Answer I did some research and hiccups are more common towards the end of the first trimester and start of the second trimester. Your lungs are taking 30-40 percent more air with each inhale/exhale.

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Are constant hiccups and backaches a sign that I am pregnant?

Answer Can be. Wait until your period is late and do a test.

Is having diarrhea constant hiccups headaches tiredness and being easily emotional or agitated a sign?

Answer You may or may not be pregnant. Whatever you have it does not sound normal. go to your doctor. Answer It can be a sign of pregnancy or a sign of Gasterintitous or a stomach virus, hence ... Read More »

Are hiccups a early sign of pregnancy?

How early do you feel hiccups in pregnancy?

Some babies hiccup a lot during development, the twitches are most often felt in the third trimester.