Why do you get that ringing in your ear?

Answer Hi~~If you are already experiencing blurring vision due to your medication, then yes the ringing of your ears may also be caused by this same thing. You may also have what is called Tenitis (sp?). ... Read More »

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Is that your phone ringing or mine?

Actually mine rang right after I read this, kind of creeped me out for a second!

How to Create an iPhone Alarm That Will Vibrate Without Ringing?

Want an alarm on your iPhone that vibrates without ringing? The iPhone doesn't have an automatic setting for that, but here's a workaround.

Is your phone ringing....................?

Can ringing in your ears be a sign of pregnancy?

Answerthey could be, but if that is the only symptom you have i wouldn't relie on it. their are lots of reasond you could have ringing in your ears, but often times you can get headaches when your ... Read More »