Why do you get so tired after a meal when you have diabetes?

Answer Diabetics may find that they have more trouble managing hypoglycemia, a state of low glucose (blood sugar) that can occur after a meal. A quick dose of carbohydrates can reverse the condition.Hypog... Read More »

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Is it normal to be tired after eating a fatty meal?

Perfectly normal Fat takes much more time and energy for the body to digest than carbs, and a high fat meal of saturated fat (the kind that takes the longest to digest!! Bacon is loaded with it.)... Read More »

My fasting sugar is 106 and 2 hours later after a meal 110. Is this pre diabetes?

It's within the acceptable range. You're either diabetic or you're not; "pre-diabetic" is a buzzword that describes speculation rather than fact.Organizations like diabetes associations, pharmaceut... Read More »

Why do some people feel tired when they wake up even after they have got enough sleep?

Your body goes through sleep cycles, and if you wake up during the stages of deep sleep, you may feel groggy because your body wasn't "ready" to wake up - as opposed to waking up during REM sleep, ... Read More »

Some medicines ask you to "take with meal". Does that mean taking it in the middle of meal or after?

It means you can't take it in an empty stomach, I used to work in the hospital and when it was prescribed as such we gave the patients a small snack if it wasn't time for a large meal just to keep ... Read More »