Why do you get so tired after a meal when you have diabetes?

Answer Diabetics may find that they have more trouble managing hypoglycemia, a state of low glucose (blood sugar) that can occur after a meal. A quick dose of carbohydrates can reverse the condition.Hypog... Read More »

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Is it normal to be tired after eating a fatty meal?

Perfectly normal Fat takes much more time and energy for the body to digest than carbs, and a high fat meal of saturated fat (the kind that takes the longest to digest!! Bacon is loaded with it.)... Read More »

Does diabetes cause a person to get depressed or tired?

I has know to, so the first thing is to test glucose and insulin levels and if they are normal, then the problem might be more of an emotional nature. Feel Better.

My fasting sugar is 106 and 2 hours later after a meal 110. Is this pre diabetes?

It's within the acceptable range. You're either diabetic or you're not; "pre-diabetic" is a buzzword that describes speculation rather than fact.Organizations like diabetes associations, pharmaceut... Read More »

Which would you rather eat A delicious home cooked meal or a 5 star restaurant meal?

that is a loaded question, would love to take my girlfriend out to dinner any time she wants, and then at times make and have dinner together at our home sitting by the fireplace listing to some ni... Read More »