Why do you get skinnier when you sleep?

Answer you actually don't get skinnier, quite the opposite, with your description, it sounds like the bloating dissipated into your system, however on the other hand, our bodies settle during sleep and we... Read More »

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If I just don't eat for a while.. will I get skinnier?

I'd like to support what FaZizzle wrote. If you stop eating, or eat less than a certain number of calories then your body will assume that it is starving and start storing fat for energy. Other t... Read More »

How to look skinnier?

Oh my lord.Do not listen to any of the other ones except the one that talks about being healtheir.You can't 'look' skinnier.You actually have to work at it.Exercising and eating right are the only ... Read More »

How to Get Skinnier Legs?

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How to Make Yourself Look Skinnier?

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