How to Get Rid of Hiccups When You Are Drunk?

Answer As we all know, drunken hiccups can last a while and put a real damper on the party spirit. To get rid of hiccups when you’re drunk, use one of the following methods.

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When you're drunk do you forget everything from the night or only what happened when you were drunk?

It is not the same for each person but most people remember the entire night. I remember everything and is why i know i am a great drinker.

Is it true that when someone is drunk they are more honest than they are when they are not drunk?

Just b/c they may be being more honest doesn't mean they should be saying everything that comes out of their mouths. Sometimes it's better to leave certain things unsaid. I know this b/c I've had s... Read More »

How much more likely are you to get in a car crash when you are drunk than when you are sober?

There are more drunk drivers on the road at night on weekends, so that's the prime time for a drunk driving accident. The odds? Who knows? But you can be damned sure your odds of being in a crash d... Read More »

How do you get blood sugar down when someone is drunk and when there diabetic?

How do you know she has high sugar level? You could do more harm than good. If she really does have a high level per her meter, call 911