Why do you get crosstalks with 3D TV and how do you prevent it?

Answer If you're getting crosstalks, you probably have an active 3D TV. Active 3D TVs use shutter glass technology. The images are sent to each lens of the 3D glasses one at a time. Only one of your eyes ... Read More »

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Do flu shots prevent intestinal flu or do they just prevent the cold flu?

The flu shot only prevents respiratory influenza. It does not prevent the gastrointestinal "flu" virus that makes you have GI symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea without the cough and resp... Read More »

How to Prevent an Ice Dam?

When the snow melts it can become damaging ice dams. Without a properly insulated attics, however, homeowners could find themselves with an ice dam upstairs. Heat from the attic melts snow on the r... Read More »

How can I prevent a UTI?

do NOT hold your pee for too long (your teacher should understand this!)do NOT sit on cold surfacesdo NOT wear tight pantsdo NOT consume too much sugar (sugar feeds the UTI bacteria)always wipe fro... Read More »

How to prevent this ?

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