What causes cold chills after eating?

Answer The onset of cold chills after eating a meal may be the onset of an illness, or it may be induced by other factors (such as a heart attack). Cold chills are often accompanied by shivering or shakin... Read More »

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Why does water taste super cold after eating a mint, cough drop, or brushing your teeth?

A question about eating after not eating for a while?

Start with small servings of fruit to give you some fructose for energy. Have things like almonds, seaweed, cashews, walnuts. These are all going to give you good fats and the seaweed is a natura... Read More »

Does eating peppers remove cold sores?

No cold sores are a form of heroes which is viral A form of HERPES. There are many drugs for clearing up cold sores. There are also natural supplements that work also. Personally I take 100 mg of... Read More »

When you have a cold what should you eat besides not eating dairy?

What to Eat During a ColdFruits or fruit juices that are acidic (orange juice, pineapple juice, etc.) are excellent for cutting the phlegm in your throat. Eat when you feel like eating.If you have ... Read More »