Why do you eat your brains when people just want to play with your neighbours?

Answer Sometimes, it's because you are more hungry than bright when you ogle at newbies entering the hood... of course the more you eat the more worse it gets.

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Do people who drive big or powerful cars have no brains?

Impatience, and they know you are trying to irritate them when you slow down even further so try to irritate you back. As well as these cars being big and powerful they also have a much better bra... Read More »

Tech Savvy Brains; Please tell me if Andoku Sudoku on Google Play work with Kindle Fire?

You just go to the Kindle Fire apps store and in advanced search select the items which are free. And you are there.And Yes I have searched.. The game you mentioned is available... The part 2 is ou... Read More »

My neighbours cocnstantly put traffic cones on the road to stop people parking, is this illegal?

No one has the right to park in any street. Even if it is outside your own home. The police could rightly get you to move your vehicle if they think it is a hazard, even though you have parked th... Read More »

Can you eat cow brains?

If you don't care about the much higher risk of contracting CJD (a form of Mad Cow Disease in humans) from eating a cow's brains, then yes. Otherwise, most people get disgusted by the thought of ea... Read More »