Why do you drool at night?

Answer You drool when your mouth is open. The saliva in your mouth comes out through force of gravity. Some people sleep with their mouth open (the droolers) while some people don't (the non-droolers). Th... Read More »

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Why do babies drool?

because their teeth hasn't fully developed yet. Babies have no teeth to trap all the saliva in their mouth, so the saliva comes running out without any problem.

Why does my dog drool while in his crate?

Crates are a means of confining your dog while you are not home. In the wild, dogs are den animals. A dog crate simulates the dog's den and provides a sense of comfort, safety and security for you ... Read More »

How many girls like it when guys stare at ur chest and drool?

Some girls seek it by having their boobs almost hanging totally out. They deserve it. But when you're wearing a tshirt and minding your own business and some guy's eyeline is religiously stuck to y... Read More »

What is the best brand of tissue that catches the most drool without breaking up?