Why do you drink out of a bottle?

Answer If in a bar or club, it's more sanitary. Hundreds of hands and mouths touch those glasses on any given night, and a bartender in a hurry may not wash the glasses as well as they should.At home, I'... Read More »

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Why do grocery stores advertise a 2 liter bottle of soft drink but then a 16.9 ounce bottle of soft drink?

Dearest John, what have you been smoking?No grocery store advertises a 2 liter (67 ounces) and then sells you a 16.9 ounce bottle. It just doesn't happen.The plastic bottle are all standardized fo... Read More »

Would you drink a bottle of pee for $500?

I will pay you twice to drink half a bottle.

Is it safe to drink a bottle of sherry in one go?

How to Open and Drink a Bottle of Ramune Pop?

The novelty of the ramune drink is the bottle shape and the stopper. It comes in a variety of flavors, including strawberry, peach, and lychee. A glass marble acts as a unique cap, keeping the soda... Read More »