Which antivirus dont slow pc answer and win 10 points?

Answer NO Definite Answer.=Interaction of an anti-virus with other software and events on your PC will affect speed.

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Why is my mouse so slow. Is it something my grandchildren have done Any chance you have the answer?

Could be that your mouse settings got changed.Go to the start button.Then go to control panel.Then go to the mouse icon and click.Click on the pointers options tab at the top of the window.Then sim... Read More »

Braces bracket scraping my tongue! please answer, I'll answer yours. 10pts best answer?

I had that problem when I first got braces. :(All you can really do is put wax over the bracket. I can't remember exactly how long it took to stop hurting, but I'd guess around a week, maybe a bit ... Read More »

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I'm getting my second round of braces off next week so I think I know how you feel. Braces are a long year commitment so it's an over time change. They aren't going to make any noticeable differenc... Read More »

ANSWER ANSWER ANSWER PLEASE-things that will make you throw up?