Why do you americans have to pay for medical treatment?

Answer because medical care over here is BIG BUSINESS that makes BIG BUCKS. our government needs to check out how the Austrailan government makes it work with the health care system there. Medical car... Read More »

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Acne Treatment for African Americans?

Acne blemishes and breakouts can appear on African American skin as pustules, papules, whiteheads, blackheads, cysts or nodules. Sometimes acne breakouts on darker skin tones can be difficult to tr... Read More »

Acne Scar Treatment for African Americans?

Acne scarring can affect all skin types, and scarring on brown, tan or black skin can be difficult to treat with certain substances. Many natural treatments, such as lemon juice and peroxide can ca... Read More »

Foreign Medical Schools for Americans?

Citing the competitive admission policies of the nation's top medical schools and high costs involved in studying for an M.D. program in the United States, some American students are opting to purs... Read More »

Do i need to get medical treatment from having a 74 GFR?

Maybe. Your doctor (the one that ordered the lab test) needs to look into the reason that the GFR is mildly reduced.