Why do you Young People drink alcohol serious answers only.?

Answer I'm 17 and proud to say that I've never consumed alcohol. I, frankly, don't see why anyone would want to - except for communion if grape juice is not offered - consume any underage. In my mind alco... Read More »

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How young are you when u start drink beer,whisky and wine.?

I started drinking around age 35. Drinking age was 18 when I was young, but didn't care for the bar scene. When I turned 21, (age was then raised), my friends took me out for a drink, which I beg... Read More »

Who do you think should be giving information about alcohol to young people and why?

Possibly ex-alcoholics, or people who have suffered as a result of binge-drinking? They would be able to explain the detrimental effects of excessive alcohol consumption from first-hand experiences... Read More »

Statistical Information About Young People & Alcohol Abuse in the UK?

The misuse of alcohol by young people in the UK can mean the illegal consumption of alcoholic drinks by youths under 18 or young people between 18 and 24 consuming more alcohol than the UK Governme... Read More »

Why do people drink alcohol?

Apparently it is good to a lot of people or else they wouldn't drink it. I have never had a drink in my life, nor desire one and I am in my early 20's. I think you pretty much answered your own que... Read More »