Why do you Really think most people have an attitude towards veg*ns?

Answer Don't try reason with some Trolls as by the looks of them they are not interested in reason or understanding. Looking at a good few answers you can see that and they expose their ignorance and hyp... Read More »

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Why do people have such a negative attitude towards teenage pregnancies?

People are negative towards teenage pregnancies because they normally happened by accident, the parents aren't responsible enough to take care of a child and it is common belief that it is wrong to... Read More »

How to Stop Having a Bad Attitude Towards People?

Okay, you're tired of being a bully and having a bad attitude, you already lost many friends for being bad to people and now you want to be a nicer person? Well this will help you.

How to Have a Positive Attitude Towards Life?

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Research on How to Have a Healthy Attitude Towards Life?

One way to stay healthy is to develop a healthy attitude toward life. And one way to do that is to practice positive thinking. Health benefits associated with positive thinking include a longer lif... Read More »