Why do you I always feel like I'm gonna pass out after I get out of the shower ?

Answer It's probably TOO warm! I get that all the time, and then I have to go lay down just in my towel because I feel faint lolOr you could be dehydrated, too hot, slightly anemic... Or if you're too col... Read More »

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Why do I always feel like I need to poop after smoking a cigarette?

Umm I think it has something to do with nicotene. It stimulates glands & is actually not all that harmful for you. Nicotene is a stimulant somehow it also helps people with Alzheimers. It's all the... Read More »

Feel like im gonna be sick in the middle othe night. PLEASE HELP! im scared?

Just breathe deeply, in and count to three, out and count to three, in and count to three. If your wearing a bra I'd take it off, that makes me feel better, same as lifting up the top of my pants o... Read More »

I always feel DIZZY after I run a sprint race, why?

What precautions should I take if feeling dizzy after my race?Drink water. Eat anything with sugar. Relax and sit down. Always stretch BEFORE running. Always keep hydrated before running. Always ke... Read More »

I feel like I'm going to pass out (stoners)?

Dont smoke anymore today! Chill and drink water. I smoke about twice a week and it happens sometines. The worst is when you are in that state. You just cheeched too much.