Why do writers use figurative language?

Answer Writers often use figurative language to add color and vitality to their stories. This is particularly true in children's stories, where authors use fairies, animals and plants to convey positive m... Read More »

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What is another name for figurative language?

Another name for figurative language is figures of speech. Figurative language is the opposite of literal language, using devices such as similes, metaphors and oxymorons to make a point or stretch... Read More »

Elements of Figurative Language?

Figurative language is a key tool for writers; it enables an author to extend words and phrases beyond their literal definition. Figurative language provides a means to describe abstract characteri... Read More »

Different Types of Figurative Language?

Figurative language refers to words or phrases that do not have the same meaning as their literal meaning. Authors use a variety of types of figurative language in order to convey their message. Th... Read More »

What's the Purpose of Figurative Language?

Figurative language is the use of language to describe something by comparing it to something else. It serves many linguistic purposes. It allows people to express abstract thoughts. It creates ton... Read More »