Why do women's vaginas feel loose sometimes and then tight other times?

Answer It could actually be that you are ovulating and your vagina is just opening up because it wants to make a baby-especially if you are producing more lubricant. My fiance used to accuse me, too. I NE... Read More »

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Why does my itunes play songs sometimes and then not other times?

Due to some kind of the component problem... You might want to go for the iTunes repair or Apple Care...Good luck!

Are overweight women's vaginas more loose then the average woman?

Well it's largely based on bone structure.. So in a way yes. But not because of the weight itself.If a women has wide set hips she'll probably have a wider set vagina. And often women who naturally... Read More »

Why do youtube videos load very slowly sometimes, and then other times a lot faster?

sometimes they go slower because nodumgys is hogging all the bandwidth by downloading some computer goes a lot faster when she isn't sucking up all the bandwidth.

I empty my bowels 3 or 4 times a day sometimes more i have diverticulitis also sometimes i still do not feel e?

You just tossed a couple details together that really only means you poop 3 or 4 times a day. This is a stretch since you have no symptoms of anything but, you don't follow the correct diet and tak... Read More »