Why do women's PMS synchronize if they live together?

Answer They don't. That's a myth.Synchronization does happen by coincidence (at any given moment, one of every 5 or 6 women is menstruating), but the largest study of this ever undertaken followed the c... Read More »

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Why do women's periods regulate around each other when they live together?

It's just another of those cosmic curses we men have to endure at the hands of women.I remember that one time I was hiking in a remote part of the Alps and I fell down a ravine. I was in a bad way ... Read More »

Why do they have chaging station only in the womens bathrooms?

its a proof they do not respect single fathers ; because yes since a long time there should be one in the men's bathrooms

Can I synchronize my Windows Live calendar with Outlook?

You can sync calendars from Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010 with a downloadable program called Outlook Hotmail Connector. It also works to connect Live mail with Outlook. The program is available for d... Read More »

Can you choose which parent you want to live with at the age of 15 if your parents are not divoriced but do not live together?

Under these circumstances, where no orders are in place, the parents are considered to have joint physical custody. Though the child has not clear choice that is enforced by the laws, they do have ... Read More »