Why do women these days think its ok and acceptable to get really fat?

Answer excuse me im not fat but i think they got to urger king and macdonalds

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Do You Think More Women Find It Harder To Conceive These Days?

Actually yes. Infertility is on the rise. My RE said that most of the research money is being spent on how to get women pregnant but not on finding the underlying causes as to why they can't conc... Read More »

Why do women attack other women so much these days,like on weight looks ETC?

I find it extremely sad. My feelings on the subject is that they haven't anything else to make fun of someone for, so they attack the looks. My thing is, I was raised to be very modest and humble... Read More »

Is smoking really that cool these days?

I no right!! Smoking is for LoOoSsEerRRs. I prefer to keep my body healthy so i can live a long life. Im only 16 and i see people my age doing it, its crazy!

What do you guys think is the average age for girls to lose their virginity these days?