Why do women have a scent and men dont?

Answer Are you kidding? Have you smelled a man lately? Honey, yer missing out! The mixture of sweat, salt and musk on a least on mine)! Okay, so stinky pits are never a good thing but... Read More »

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Does every pregnant women get pregnancy symptoms or are there women that just dont expirience any?

Answer I did not have any symptoms for the first fourth months of pregnancy.  I still had my normal menstrual cycle, no morning sickness or fatigue.I thought that the true way to determine if you... Read More »

Why women dont prefer drinking rum?

I thought it was just me who hated rum, vodka is definatly the best. Rum has a terrible after taste and the hang overs are brutal

Why dont women like guys with long hair?

Medical question- Women please dont read unless you are doctor or nurse - thanks?

You realise matey that by putting dont read unless your a doctor or nurse means that most mateys in here are gonna be reading ithowever matey that sound like it be a sweat rash yar try some sudocre... Read More »