Why do women get tattoos on the back of the neck?

Answer The nape of the neck is a popular place to get a tattoo for both men and women, but there's no doubt that it's more popular among women and often seen as a feminine choice. It's not as clear why wo... Read More »

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Are little tattoos on the back of the neck attractive?

In an ignorant, uneducated way possibly

Ideas for Lower Back Tattoos for Women?

Lower back tattoos have the advantage remaining hidden during business situations, yet offering an alluring glimpse of decorated skin in less formal settings. They draw observers' eyes to the area ... Read More »

Can you have tattoos on your neck in the air force?

How to Hide Neck Tattoos?

Tattoos are permanent art located on the body. Some places may consider tattoos to be unprofessional and abnormal. Covering up tattoos for a job or event can be done in many ways. A neck tattoo may... Read More »