Why do women complain and groan when they have menstrual cramps?

Answer Prepare to have your b@lls lopped off.......The women are going to annihilate you......*Saluting* It was sure nice knowing you.....

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Are mild cramps like dull menstrual cramps on and off a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Yes. If they make you double over in pain or if you get a positive result and they are very painful and bleeding then you will want to go to the ER.

Can military women with joint custody move when they are ordered to or do they have to have permission from the father in Texas?

Answer The court takes a somewhat different view of military personnel than it does civilians. If the person is the primary custodian (meaning the children reside with them the majority of the time... Read More »

Is it normal to have menstrual cramps during the early stages of pregnancy?

depends on the woman Some cramping is normal most of the time due to the uterus stretching. If the cramping is accompanied by bleeding go to the emergency room or see a doctor immediately. Especial... Read More »

Do babies feel menstrual cramps when being held by a woman on her period?

YES!here is the link