Why do women adopt?

Answer women adopt b/c they can't have kids. They want to have children. This is partially a biological need but even men want to experience the joy of raising children and having someone to pass on their... Read More »

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Are women who are Type 1 Diabetics allowed to adopt children?

Of course. Being a diabetic is not a reason to bar someone ( male or female ) from being a adoptive parent.i agree, being diabetic doesn't disqualify you from adopting a kid. read more on diabetes ... Read More »

Why are women in such a hurry to get their boyfriend/fiance/new husband to adopt their kids?

In a lot of cases, the father has fought for his access right, but gave up after paying thousands of dollars in legal fees. They continue paying support while the mother is claiming he abandon his... Read More »

The women is letting her husband adopt another mans supposed son b4 getting paternity test done and he still wants to be involved in the babies life but is in Iraq right now is it possible?

No.They can not. Only people who know then can put them for adoption.

Hi you are a 27 yrs old you want to adopt your partner's 2 yrs old son can you adopt him even tough you are an illegal immigrant you live in CA can it be possible?

AnswerIn most jurisdictions the termination of parental rights divests forever the parent and child of all legal rights, privileges, duties, and powers between each other except for the child's rig... Read More »