Why do wine glasses have stems?

Answer Whether you prefer red wine, white wine, or the bubbly taste of champagne, all three drinks have two things in common. Besides the obvious fact that all three wines are made from grapes, each of th... Read More »

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Looking for green bubble stem wine or cordial glasses that go with the austrian hanging wine decanter?

Your best bet is going to be eBay. There is nothing there right now, but set up a search and save it. You should even be able to set it to email you if something turns up.I have these fantastic 195... Read More »

Types of Wine Glasses for Red Wine?

Choosing the proper red wine glass is an important step in serving wine. The shape and size of a wine glass is designed to accommodate different types of wine. Larger glasses allow wines to become ... Read More »

What is the appropriate use of wine glasses?

Each type of wine has a specific type of wine glass that is appropriate for showcasing its unique flavor and qualities. Although most people can get by with just the three major types of wine glass... Read More »

How many glasses is in 1 fifth of wine?

One fifth of wine, or a standard-sized bottle, contains 25.6 oz. of liquid. The average wine glass holds 4 oz. of liquid; therefore, a fifth of wine contains a little over six glasses.Source:Washin... Read More »